New Whore Order.

At its foundation, New Whore Order is about Demystification. Sex. Politics. Spirituality. Magic. Intoxication. Mother and Human Nature. Disinformation only has power in a world where correct information is in short supply. It is my mission to step into the information vacuums that are all too often filled by fabulists, and charlatans. NWO is infotainment. Education and entertainment are my sole objectives. I am not a guru. I am not a healer. I encourage rage and destruction, not love and light. I am worthy of worship, but that is another discussion altogether.

The information presented on New Whore Order will aid and guide you to become your own Goddess. To become your own light. To become your own Source of wisdom. Within these words is my intentional obsolescence. Those who absorb and internalize the information shared here will inevitably no longer need to be here. If I accomplish my goal, the essence of New Whore Order will be so ubiquitous I will be obscured as a result. This is what I want. I look forward to that day.

I am distilling over 11 years of extensive, and exhaustive research into a constant stream of easily digestible content. This is by design. In my experience, those who want and need the information presented here, have the least amount of access to it. This is bullshit.

Here is to becoming the architects of our own lives. Here is to becoming architects of a New Order.

Empress Dahlia.


The L Word.

This is some filthy sex. These are two filthy sluts. There is cum on my dick. There is a tongue on my balls. Two friends that are real friendly. The Empress has plenty for the both of them. I am a benevolent bitch with a resplendent dick. No worries, you will catch up eventually. I am a primordial deity. Manifest, in the flesh. Stroke it, now slide it right back in. Allow us to reconvene. No worries darling, you are next. Eat her while you wait your turn. Deep dick for two, coming right on up. Sapphic sex is so fucking excellent.


Three bitches. Six tits. Three sluts. One room. It is going down. She is kissing my dick. She is kissing her clit. This some unbelievable shit. A blonde and a brunette. A Black transsexual. All getting sexual. Slobber on my testicles. Empress, indeed I will. Darling, keep my pussy filled. I will occupy my mouth with this Goddess standing here before me. Sapphic bullshit. I am all about it.


She is on her hands. Arched back. Ass up. Patiently waiting. She gives me a kiss on the lips. She pulls it out. Sloppy is what I love. Straight up spits on the dick. I think that I am in love. She strokes it really well. She talks a lot of shit. She is one pretty bitch. I have one pretty dick. She is really worshipping. This is her temple. She gags on it a little. A brunette with some nice tits. May I fuck your face dear? Yes Empress, that would be delightful. You are darling, truly. I am going to fuck you proper. I would expect nothing less Dahlia. Now, I am all up in her guts. She is loving all of it. A double dose of dick. She cannot have enough of it. 


All that ass in a sheer dress. She has them heels on, and her hair is long. Silver fox like Storm. Ass clapping like thunder. Darling is a ninth wonder. Hands on the pool table. Can I lift that dress up? Empress, there is nothing under it. That is not an accident. She is doing all of that with all of this in her. Darling is a real winner. Bodies are real close. Eyes are locked in. Deep dick, and deep kisses. She plays with her clitoris while I am all in it. Give her the whole business. That is why she is here. She wants her pussy cracked open like a cold beer. Call me Steve Austin. Stunner the pussy often. Because I am fucking awesome.


Money, money. Look at all this money. I have all this cash. So much fucking money that I need some rubber bands. Getting money, and these bitches. I am having fucking blast. How much money is enough? The limit does not exist. Time is a circle bitch. I treat the money the same way. It comes to me abundantly, and I spend it on these hoes. Spoil me. I spoil back. That is just how it fucking goes. 


There is a whole lot of cannabis here. It is time to roll up. It is time to smoke up. Thank Goddess for big blunts. Thank Goddess for big butts, and darlings who love to suck dick. I love to be spoiled. Women happily oblige me. The Goddess with the God body. I am a boss bitch. I am the Empress. I am an Idolatress. I am deserving of worship because I am divine union in the flesh. I am the fucking best. Dahlia, come fuck me. Bet.


Great ass. Ghastly pallor. Ginger pussy. I am getting real acquainted. Darling, what your name is? Luck of the Empress. Dahlia, I think she lusts me. Her hand is around my neck. My hands are on her thighs. I am standing up and at attention as we fuck. Her pussy is a center of gravity. I fuck her with intensity. We are kissing each other passionately. I am fucking her in a manner best described as exquisite. Darling tells me her pussy is mine. Darling is living inside my lap. She is kissing all over my face. I am filling her pussy up. She is enjoying herself immensely. One tart slut with an ample butt. The Empress is a chiropractor. I am realigning her spine. She is relishing every stroke. 


The money is for the bitches. Dahlia is a magnet for the cash. I keep it flowing by lavishing it on these hoes. Allow me to improve your life. Empress. I am paying student loans in this bitch. I am paying child support, and I do not have kids. I am still paying that shit. She is still inhaling dick. Our relationship is symbiotic. Everything costs. This is why I pay upfront. I smoke a lot of blunts. I talk a lot of shit. I am handing her a stack. She is throwing all kinds ass. There is money all on the floor. Darling drops it low like a condor. Watch her bend at a ninety five degree angle. I cannot take my eyes off of her. She cannot take her eyes off of these bands. We are at an amazing impasse.

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